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about us:

Heights and Hills was born out of a strong sense of community responsibility in 1971,when clergy and community advocates came together to support their aging neighbors.

We have always been pioneers in developing programs and services to support older Brooklynites to age in place as vital members of their communities. So in 2008, we took up the challenge of expanding overnight from serving 400 older adults in three communities to 1,200 in 19 diverse neighborhoods.

Today, we are one of the largest Brooklyn nonprofit organizations serving more than 5,000 older adults and their families with a variety of essential services, including:

  • Social services for homebound older adults
  • Caregiver support for families and friends
  • Volunteer and intergenerational programs that engage the larger community
  • The Park Slope Center for Successful Aging, a neighborhood hub for active older adults.


Our mission is to support older adults to age successfully in their Brooklyn communities.

To age successfully, one needs to have:

  • Financial security – having enough money to pay one’s bills.
  • Food security – having sufficient food and nutrition.
  • Access to health care – being able to get to and pay for doctors and medication.
  • A safe, affordable, and comfortable place to live.
  • One’s basic tasks of daily life accomplished – from bathing to bill-paying.
  • Social supports that prevent isolation.

Our Core Values:

We believe that older adults are valuable contributing members of their communities, who are entitled to live as independently as possible with dignity and personal choice.

We believe that professionally delivered home and community-based social services are essential for maintaining the health and wellbeing of older adults and their family caregivers.

We believe that social interaction is critical for the health and wellbeing of older adults. Community volunteers and the classes and activities at our Older Adult Center are both vital ways we create connection.

We believe that older adults are a vital part of our communities and that generational diversity is an asset. We seek to strengthen the bonds between generations and dispel fears and stereotypes of aging.

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