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Equality and justice is not a single community’s fight – it is everyone’s.

-Riccardo Gazzaniga 


This has been an unprecedented time with a one-two punch that are inextricably intertwined:

Overnight ALL of Heights and Hills’ clients suddenly became the most vulnerable targets of a global pandemic, the likes of which our country hasn’t seen in over 100 years.  In NYC, 74% of the deaths from COVID have been people over the age of 65, and communities of color have been the hardest hit.  Heights Hills lost 65 clients in the first three months of this pandemic, a 350% increase in client deaths over what we normally see and we have had over 600 new requests for services from throughout our service area.

On top of that, the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by police who are supposed to protect us has ignited a worldwide social movement challenging all of us to eliminate structural racism.   Here at Heights and Hills we see the results of this every day.  Over 70% of Heights and Hills’ clients are people of color whose needs in older age can be directly attributed years of systemic racism affecting their access to health care, their diminished opportunities for education and employment, and the lack of adequate housing that now impact their health and quality of life in older age.

We stand with those who demand change.


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