Kids and families: join our Homebound but Not Alone campaign!  


Let your older neighbors who are self-isolating know you are thinking about them during this time of crisis by creating a cheerful card to be mailed to our clients 

Participating is easy! Follow these simple instructions: 

Step 1 – make a beautiful heartfelt card using our instructions below 

Step 2 – put it in an UNSEALED envelope  

Step 3 – add postage 

Step 4 – drop off or mail to the Heights and Hills main office81 Willoughby Street, Suite 302 (corner of Lawrence St), Brooklyn 11201If mailing cards please leave them unsealed and mail in a larger envelope. We will address and mail to our clients. 

Cards can be dropped off Monday through Saturday 9am to 5pm with security in the building lobby.

When making your cards please follow these simple do’s and don’ts: 

Please DO 

  • DO write clearly and use large block letters 
  • DO sign the card with YOUR FIRST NAME and age (no last names, phone numbers or identifying information please)
  • DO leave the envelope unsealed 
  • DO make your card colorful bright and cheerful – try to leave as little blank space as possible, add inspirational or funny poems, stories or jokes, or share a favorite movie, book or recipe   
  • DO have fun with your card!! Imagine this may be the only card the person receives this week or month simply letting them know someone is thinking about them…make it GREAT! 

Please DON’T 

  • DON’T use religious symbols or references 
  • DON’T use plain grey pencil or make the background dark and/or gloomy 
  • DON’T seal the envelopes 
  • DON’T include your last name or phone number 

Questions? Contact the Volunteer Program at 


Thank you!!! 

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