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Intergenerational Programs for Youth

Each year, we partner with schools and youth groups to offer two unique intergenerational programs that give young people a better understanding of what it means to grow old, and provide them with hands-on opportunities to make a difference in the lives of older Brooklyn neighbors.

Aging 101 & the Birthday Card Collective

This program educates youth about issues related to aging and then engages them in creating birthday cards to brighten the lives of homebound older adults. Each group participates in “Aging 101,” our interactive, fun 40-minute workshop where they learn what it’s like to be an older adult in today’s world by experiencing some of the physical limitations that may occur with aging. Then each group adopts one or more months of birthdays, creating personalized birthday cards to brighten the lives of nearby older adults.

This opportunity is suitable for children and teens ages 8 to 16 as part of a school curriculum or a separate youth program. Participants have been boys and girls clubs, 4-H clubs, after school programs, and summer camps. We are available to conduct this program in all 19 Brooklyn neighborhoods served by Heights and Hills.

Pen Pal Program

Our Pen Pal program currently links fourth-graders at the Brooklyn Friends School with older adults in their community through old-fashioned letter-writing over the course of three months. It culminates by bringing together children and elders in a group celebration.

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